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The Royal Rush Deck (RRD)

Royal Giant / Prince / Goblin Hut / Spear Goblins / Furnace / Fire Spirits / Rage / Elixir Collector

The RRD relies on constant spawning and a quick rotation for a great defense that becomes a powerful offense. This Deck is built to overwhelm, confuse and cause panic to your opponent.

Elixer Collector
The MOST important card in this deck. The strength of this deck is a fast rotation. The deck's cost is 4, so we are going to need and elixir collector at all times. If it gets destroyed, put it back in the first your chance you get.

Goblin Hut / Furnace
The two buildings that will provide defense against any tank, ground or air. if you can stock up one side with these buildings, it will turn from a defensive stance to an overwhelming offense of angry spear goblins and fire spirits.

Spear Goblins / Fire Spirits
These are the "Pace" cards. When your opponent uses zap or arrows. These are cards you drop to keep the charge on defense or offense going. These cards are great when you are low on elixir and need a quick cheap distraction.

Royal Giant
This is your trump card. Don't use this card until you have a significant amount of spear goblins and fire spirits moving towards the opposite side. When you see your mob of goblins marching toward the opponent side, drop the Royal Giant right in front of them. This will cause your opponent to scramble on defense.

This guy will be useful a secondary tank to help take down cards that are trying to eliminate your Royal Giant and also take down your opponents tower. The prince has decent HP and high damage so your opponent can't ignore him. Your opponents will have to choose to take on the prince or the Royal Giant.

This card is what makes this deck turn from annoying for your opponent to unbeatable. It is best to be used on offense to give a boost to your Royal Giant, Prince, Spear Goblins, and Fire Spirits. One unique use for the rage spell that is not talked about often is on defense. if you see a large push coming, put you rage spell on your Goblin Hut, Furnace, and tower. This will speed up spawning time, supercharge your defense and squash you opponents push.

Game plan

At the beginning of the game your Elixir Collector. If it is not available, play defense. wait till you opponent chooses a side and drop your furnace or goblin hut. But once you have the chance to drop the collector, do it. It is THE MOST important card you have. Once you enough goblin huts and furnaces, drop your prince behind your tower to begin your push. By that time you should have enough elixir to release your royal giant. Once he is making his way to the other side, drop cards to get you rage spell. Put your rage spell on the attacking push, and within 3-5 seconds that tower will be destroyed. keep repeating this process until you win.


Once it is double elixir this deck and game plan is nearly unbeatable. I have come back from having 1 tower, under one minute to winning. More elixir, and out cycle your opponent.