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Hey guys, Clash Royale PC here bringing you a double wizard hog deck. Yesterday I got a magical chest from battle and I wasn't as excited since I have every card (except for the lava hound and and graveyard now) they don't really give anything useful, but anyway when I opened it this morning I got the electro wizard! I didn't know what deck to use him in but that's how I came up with this guide :)

Here are the cards you'll need for this Clash Royale version for PC...

  1. Hog Rider: Ever since I got the hog in arena 4, I've absolutely loved it... This is your main win condition and tower destroyer (with some support of course ;-). I wouldn't replace this card but I would use the miner if I were to replace it.
  2. Ice Golem: This card offers so much value for just 2 elixir, even after the nerf believe it or not. This card will be used mostly to place in front of your hog rider. It can also be used to kite troops to the other lane, absolutely love effectively kiting elite barbs, giant skeletons, and even pekkas to the other lane. Feel free to use it defensevely whenever needed :-).
  3. Electro Wizard and Ice Wizard: This is a double wizard deck after all... Ice wizard can be replaced with the wizard or ice spirit. These two guys are my favorite legendary cards since they can be converted into an effective counter-push (with another card, which I will talk about next) Like I mentioned, use these two guys on defense to turn into offense with the hog rider and ice golem (Both do not have to be used at the same time).
  4. Executioner: I hate it when I fall in love with new cards because I feel like the will be either buffed to then be nerfed (*Cough* Elite Barbs *Cough*) or nerfed after their first realease, this card is op in my opinion. The executioner will be used with with your ice or electro wizard for defense (with a building of your choice) to then be turned into offense. Don't use him unless you know every card that your opponent has.
  5. Tornado and Log: If you don't have the log, don't panic... It can be replaced with zap. The log will be used to get rid of skeletons and tombstone on offense and to kill those pesky goblins on defense. But you should know how to use this card, It can be used for way more. The tornado takes a bit to get used to, but once you get it down, it can shut down many pushes. Can be used to pull hog, miner, elite barbs, and lava hound to your king tower early in the game, once you do this, use the tornado to deal with hordes, giant pushes, and hog riders by dragging them towards the center where all 3 towers will target them. Also great with executioner since the axe will only go straight.
  6. A Building Of Your Choice: I'm currently using the furnace because it can counter minion horde and because if it's leveled high enough, one fire spirit will reach the Tower and deal some demage. Choose your defensive building based on the cards you're facing alot, I would recommend the inferno tower or tombstone. But that's up to you :-).

Clash Royale PC gameplay

This deck is centered upon transforming your surviving troops on defense, into a powerful defense, so keep that in mind.

Before Double Elixir

Don't go too crazy yet... If you have a hog rider and ice golem, deploy them right of the bat to surprise your opponent. If not, start with your defensive building (Only if your using tombstone, or furnace). If you don't have any of those just start with the cheapest card you have in your hand by placing it behind the king tower and see how they react. If they send in elite barbs, hog rider, or lava hound use your tornado to pull them to your king tower. If they send in a giant golem or even the lava hound, use your defensive building to counter it and use Ice wizard, electro wizard, or executioner accordingly. After you defend successfully convert the cards that you used defensevely into offense by placing ice golem and hog rider in front of it. Do this up until double elixir time. Remember: Defend, Convert, Destroy (or just do some demage xD)

Double Elixir Time

This is my favorite part of the match because you can create huge combos due to low elixir cost of this deck. You still need to defend and create a counter push but in double elixir time you can drop extra support behind your hog rider and ice golem. Play aggressively specially if your one tower down, I've done some HUGE comebacks during double elixir time because I play aggressively and create huge combos that are hard to stop.


Hog Ice Golem: Your basic combo, place ice golem in front of hog.

Hog, Ice Golem, Executioner/Ice Wizard/Electro Wizard: Can be used before Double Elixir time. But only possible by creating a counter push, convert defense into offense then drop hog and ice golem in the front.

Hog, Ice Golem, Executioner, Ice Wizard, And Electro Wizard: Very difficult to stop, but only use this combo during double elixir time. Create this combo from defense. I recommend using Executioner and E-Wiz and then drop Ice Wizard.

I hope you guys enjoy my first guide :-). Wish you guys the best of luck out in the arena.