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Best ways to download and install Clash Royale on PC

Hello guys, this is my first guide on installing Clash Royale PC, so don't judge me if my guide is bad. I will not tell you my name, but my username is Bob. This is a balloon freeze deck that got me from 2300 to 2700 in about an hour (although it probably works in other arenas too). My current record with this deck is 23-1-10 win-draw-loss ratio. I'm currently hovering around 2700.

Avg elixir cost: 3.5 elixir :D
Card breakdown:

{images of cards, whoever is publishing this, please remove this text. My cards are balloon, freeze, archers, ice golem, mega minion, musketeer, skarmy, and furnace}

Balloon (3): your main win condition. Balloon in this deck is often paired with ice golem and freeze. One thing you should do is wait until your opponent doesn't have a building in their hand (recently used, not cycled through yet) and then place the combo. There are no replacements for this card.

Meta Minion (6): Why would you NOT have this in your deck? Excels at defense and taking out most ground + air support troops (wizard, musketeer, witch, etc) Very good card pick. You really shouldn't replace this card, but if you don't have it, maybe valkryie or wizard.

Freeze (3): Your wild card. It is the one card in this deck that has that "surprise!!" function. Don't use it too early or they will place one counter (wizard for example) wait for you to freeze, then place their other counter. I think this is one of the best epics because of its "surprise! Your tower's dead!" function. Really underrated. Cannot be replaced because it would not be called a balloon "freeze" deck.

Ice Golem (6): An extremely good card. Some of you might disagree, but it is super good at kiting (drawing melee troops) and the frost nova is really useful. It slows things down. The ice golem also can act as a Mini - tank. Sometimes I place him in front of musketeer and archers. You shouldn't replace him, but you could use ice spirit. Ice golem is way better, though.

Archers (8): Very good at defense, can shut down a lone graveyard. I use archers as chip damage or as defense to take down support troops or to take down tanks with the help of other defensive troops. Please don't replace this card.

Furnace (7): I use this card to do chip damage. Sometimes, I cycle to have two furnaces on different lanes to apply constant pressure. It is also used to take out swarms, but only if Ice Golem isn't in my hand. You could replace this with Fire spirits, zap, or ice spirit, but I recommend you don't.

Musketeer (6): Your secondary defensive card. Very good on defense, helps take out lava hound with help of the arena tower. I think musketeer is one of the best defensive troops in the game. You can pair this with ice golem in front for a deadly attack. You could replace this card with wizard, or witch, or executioner if you have it, but I would prefer muskie.

Skarmy (2): Skeleton army is one of the best tank - killers in the game. If you can bait out your opponent's zap, arrows, or log, then you can safely use it to take down any tank. You should NOT replace this card.

This deck is pretty strong, and is good against air, very good on offense, and is very cheap. However, it isn't very good against RG decks or chip cycle or spell decks.

How to play Clash Royale on PC
When I use this deck, I usually make defensive plays, turn them into counterpushes with Ice golem, and wait. Then, once it turns into double elixir time, I bust out my Balloon + Freeze combo. It works most of the time.

Combos for offense:
ice golem + archers, muskie, and furnace in the back (pre placed) just not meta minion.
Balloon freeze. Duh.
Ice golem + balloon ( make sure to place the ice golem in front)

Combos for defense:
mega minion + Muskie + ice golem to shut down LavaLoon
archers + ice golem + mega minion to stop Bowler Graveyard
Muskie + mega minion + archers + furnace (pre placed) + ice golem + skarmy to shut down a huge golem + baby dragon or archers or executioner push
skarmy + archers to shut down RG
skarmy to kill a lone hog
mega minion + archers to kill hog + valk
Anything you want

That's it guys. I hope you enjoyed my first Clash Royale PC guide and happy clashing! :D